Storm Preparation

Living in an area known for severe weather could be a cause for chaos for homeowners. One day all is well, the birds are chirping, the sun shining brightly in the sky, with not a cloud in sight. You go to bed, and are suddenly woken up by splashes of rainwater dripping in your face as you lay in bed, or even worse; part of your roof is now lying in the middle of the floor of your home. Check out some important information here in this blog to better prepare you for Mother Nature's fury.


Gutters are placed on your home for a very important reason. It is important that you keep your gutters free and clear of the debris that can be left behind from potentially hazardous storms. They allow the rain to flow from your rooftop freely away from the side of your home, preventing damage to your siding and preventing the water from draining and pooling alongside the base of your home. Cluttered gutters can become so heavy from debris and begin to detach from your roof causing even more problems for you homeowners.


With severe weather comes high winds, and with high winds comes debris. Debris can become trapped in your gutters, preventing rain from properly flowing away from your home. Debris can also cause more damage, as the more that are trapped will eventually lead to the detachment of your gutters and more money spent to fix or replace. So it's important to keep them free and clear of the clutter.


Hail is another factor to take into account with severe weather. Hail could pose potential damage to your windows and your roof. Hail can range in size from peas to softballs; possibly larger. It's important to keep your home's maintenance up to prevent massive damage to what you've worked so hard for.

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