How Storms Affect Your Home

According to the Georgia Emergency Management & Homeland Security Agency, the most common type of natural disaster that occurs in Georgia are thunderstorms. The first thing you think about when a storm is approaching is probably whether there is a potential for leaks in your home. However, there are a lot of other issues that can arise. Check out this blog so you can be prepared.


Your gutters are there to direct rainwater away from your house, so that it isn’t left to run down the exterior of your home, oversaturating the walls and potentially causing water damage. However, if your gutters become filled with fallen leaves, dirt and other debris, this can prevent the water from flowing through the gutters, and it will instead be left to flow down the side of your home. Even worse, the gutters could become so weighed down with the backed up debris and water they detach from your home causing water to flow directly down your house and pool at the base,


With strong storms come heavy winds especially if you’re in the middle of or even on the outskirts of a hurricane. One of the first things you should do when preparing for an incoming storm is to clear away all of the loose or low hanging tree branches from around your house. Those branches will be some of the first to fall from your trees, potentially damaging the roof or windows on your home.


Hail is a common aspect of thunderstorms, as most Georgia residents know all too well. Depending on the size of the hail, it could potentially cause significant damage to your siding, windows, and your roof. Luckily, most insurance companies in Georgia cover hail damage and some will even replace your hail damaged roof altogether.

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