Frequently Asked Questions about Roof Repair

We often forget the importance of our roof until we have a major problem; unfortunately, this can lead to repairs that cost thousands when a little prevention would have done the trick. However, this short FAQ can help you spot problems before they get out of hand.

Q: Why Is There Discoloration on My Roof?

A: Discoloration or dark streaks on your roof are often mistaken for dirt or granule loss; however, it is usually a sign of algae growth. This typically occurs on the parts of your roof that receive less sunlight because they hold moisture for longer periods of time. There’s no need to worry though: discoloration is merely an aesthetic concern and won’t affect the lifespan of your roof.

Q: How Can I Tell, for Sure, When My Roof Needs Repair?

A: In most cases, people don’t notice a problem with their roof until it leaks or shows obvious signs of wear and tear. There are a few warning signs that can help you catch a problem before it becomes serious.

  • Check gutter for sand-like asphalt grains - A few grains isn’t cause for alarm, but if you find a lot, you might have a problem!

  • Get on your roof and take a closer look - Are any of the shingles cracked, broken, or missing? If so, you may need some repairs.

  • Take a look at the flashing - The flashing (a thin sheet of water-resistant material that's used to prevent water damage) needs to be in good shape; if not, it’s time to give us a call!

The bottom line is that every roof wears out eventually, and you should try to catch your problem well in advance of an unfortunate incident.

Q: Do I Have to Strip All of the Layers of My Roof During Replacement?

A: Yes. While it might seem tempting to leave an old layer of your roof on to save some money, the reality is that this ends up causing far more problems than it’s worth. Leaving an old layer of a shingle roof on your home makes it more difficult to detect any issues that have occurred underneath that layer. Additionally, stripping away all of the shingles allows the contractor to do any maintenance that is necessary to prevent leaks and other roof damage.

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