Over 20 years experience in roofing and exteriors.

Duck Back Roofing provides Atlanta and the state of Georgia with superior service and top notch quality. We are located in Peachtree City, GA where we have the capability to assist you, statewide, 24 hours a day.

Roofing in Fayetteville

One of the most difficult things about replacing or fixing a worn-out roof is getting a roofer you can trust to perform excellent, professional work. Certainly, there's nothing better than a genuine referral from someone who’s a friend who just had their roof replaced - and had a great experience! Also, we observe to the most stringent of installation standards, so you can be certain that you will be guaranteed a top-quality roof that will last!

Siding in Fayetteville

When your home's siding preservation costs you way too much concern, money and time, it’s undoubtedly time to explore a resolution that will make your home's exterior siding worry free – and at the same time enhancing your curb appeal and increasing your home's overall value.

Duck Back Roofing offers maintenance-free vinyl siding in addition to all the modern equipment and architectural detail options for the greatest curb appeal.

Duck Back Roofing can install your vinyl siding by means of the Vinyl Siding Institute's correct installation techniques, and give you with a five year warranty on your outdoor siding PLUS the mounting.

Windows Replacement in Fayetteville

If your existing windows are costing you stress, time and money, then it is time to consider changing them.

Changing your current windows can give you the ensuing advantages:

  • We give no-cost, no-obligation, in your home consultations along with a factory showroom with life size, working windows for you to look at, touch and test our quality.
  • Duck Back Windows' maintenance-free virgin vinyl design will save you time with no sanding or repainting.
  • Our windows will not warp or corrode over time, so they will remain like new for years and years.
  • Duck Back replacement windows will save you cash. Up to 30% of your electricity loss can be via your windows. With today's growing electricity costs, that could cost you quite a bit of cash.
  • Our replacement windows are ENERGY STAR® rated in all fifty states and feature our unique Comfort 365® glass. That means better electric bills and being more content in your home the whole year.

You can relax once you contact Duck Back since we can take care of whole process from purchase, to installation and the warranty. We make it simple, and once your windows are finished, you won't ever have to worry about swapping them again.

Rain Gutter Installation in Fayetteville

A quality gutter system increases the movement of water around the house for a long time and reduces maintenance cost and time connected with its maintenance. Possibly more importantly, it increases the price of your house! Not only are dripping gutters irritating and unattractive, but inadequately cared for or malfunctioning gutter systems are very harmful to your building. Water flowing down the side or puddling against the foundation will create lots of expensive problems in the future. Mold and dry rot grow well in a damp location. To preserve a firm foundation and siding, it is best to aim rainwater as great a distance from your home as possible. Duck Back Roofing provides quality gutters and gutter debris guards. We hang our products with screws and hangers (not nails) to guarantee a tight fit and a quality installation. We offer seamless copper and aluminum roof gutters.

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